Pony Painting or Archery parties

FARM PARTIES ARE so unique and so much fun! WHETHER IT BE PONY PAINTING OR ARCHERY, come to our farm and let your child enjoy a celebration like no other! Lady guinevere loves to be painted and JOEY AND meeksy LOVE letting kids ride and play arena games. your child can choose 10 of their best friends and all can enjoy the water cup challenge or the obstacle course race for riding fun. The most unforgettable 2 hours a child could ask for! parents get to choose the entire party style and theme, we supply the horses/ponies, Games and lots of paint for $395-if your child is a weekly rider there is a $50 discount. 

​​​​​picturesque photo sessions

Sky Creek Farm has hands down, the best summer camp in the history of summer camps! Get ready to make summer memories at our amazing summer horse camp! Arena riding games, water balloon battles, fishing, creek riding, slip n' slides, nonstop snowcones, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, pony painting, arrowhead hunting, the worlds best counselors and More! Horse Camp is Monday through Thursday from 8:30am-1:30pm. 


​       ​​FARM PARTY FUN!